What is the TecDoc Catalogue?

The TecDoc Catalogue, one of the most comprehensive vehicle replacement parts catalogues worldwide, offers precise vehicle and replacement part identification.
• Use this as a basis for creating you customized user interface web shop or online catalogue.
• Would you like to share your product information via the TecDoc Catalogue? Then become a TecDoc data supplier. Our Data Manager tools help you maintain your article information. Know More: https://www.tecalliance.net/en/products-and-solutions/tecdoc-catalogue/

How to use the TecDoc Catalogue

The TecDoc Catalogue can greatly benefit your presence in the Indian Automotive Aftermarket
Identifying the right part for the right vehicle published by part manufacturers themselves and thereby reduce the faulty ordering of parts and find the alternative for OE parts
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Who will benefit from Tecalliance?

• TecAlliance is the largest vehicle spare part databases in the world. This provides the basis to develop applications that customers use to optimise their business processes. Entire ecosystem of Automotive Aftermarket like part manufacturer, Traders, Data suppliers, Data users, Fleet management companies, leasing companies, Insurance providers etc will be benefited from the processed data available in various product formats. • Through automation and digitisation, our process solutions support the entire supply chain – from the order to the invoice. The focus is on precision, speed and quality at optimised costs.
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Who are data suppliers?

• Data Suppliers, DS in short, are generally Parts Manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers or in some cases retail chains.

Who are Data Users?

• Data Users, DU in short, are workshops, independent mechanics, fleet managers, insurance claim handlers, leasing companies, e-Com and marketplace players, other software-based service providers for Automotive Industry retailers and distributors.

Can parts be ordered through Tecdoc catalogue?

• With Tecalliance catalogue it is only possible to locate right parts for the vehicle. Tecalliance as such will not undertake e-commerce transactions nor practicing partisan marketing. • However, Tecalliance through its product Teccom will support part manufacturer/Data Supplier to integrate their ERP to help them connect with their users to order parts. Here Tecalliance solution will only act as interface to facilitate the order to invoice process rather than the financial or e – commerce transaction platform.

How often the information on the Tecdoc catalogue updated?

• With the integrated Data management module, data from the supplier is updated every month automatically. So, both data supplier and data user can be assured of High quality and accurate current data all the time.

Can OEM part Nos be identified with Tecdoc Catalogue?

• Tecdoc serves the interest of Independent Aftermarket part manufacturers and users can search for component manufacturer’s part details only. At the DS option, the OE numbers provided by them would be displayed in their pages.