TecDoc Catalogue

The TecDoc Catalogue, one of the most comprehensive vehicle replacement parts catalogues worldwide, offers precise vehicle and replacement part identification.
• Use this as a basis for creating you customized user interface web shop or online catalogue.
• Would you like to share your product information via the TecDoc Catalogue? Then become a TecDoc data supplier. Our Data Manager tools help you maintain your article information. Know More: https://www.tecalliance.net/en/products-and-solutions/tecdoc-catalogue/

Vehicles in Operation (VIO)

Vehicles In Operation also known as Car Parc data is another product what TecAlliance India has in offer.
• VIO data for near 75 countries globally.
• Passenger segment and for few countries' commercial vehicle segment as well.
• For India, VIO for Passenger segment, gives data to vehicles till Dec 2019. • Data release is every 6 months.
• VIO is linked to much granular vehicle attributes like the make, model, engine capacity, power, body type, drive type etc.

Order Manager

Order Manager provides everything you need to optimise your order-to-invoice process:
• Simple partner management
• Optimised order and billing processes
• Overview of relevant article information
• Effective returns handling
• Product Documents
• Browser based solution
• Part of a community of 2400 aftermarket players with suppliers as well as buyers
• Can be integrated with SAP or the Standard ERP solutions

WebService / WebShop

Part manufacturers/Traders who want hassle free creation & maintenance of catalogue
• Simply upload the parts data along with part numbers, available quantity and price and upload in csv format into the interface or simply connect their ERP system in the backend to pull this information and run the shop without much hassle.
• Traders or owner of the online shop can customize the looks, post offers, share contact information, add users, and manage the backend of the shop with the help of admin tool provided by TecDoc

Analytics Solutions

PMA (Product Management & Analytics) and Demand Dashboard are two different Analytical tools available in TecAlliance.
• PMA refers to Product Management Analysis.
• With the Analytics Manager we give you a toolbox that supplies answers to important questions about the market, customer search behavior and your own portfolio.
• Demand dashboard is the Business Intelligence module that helps gain customers vehicle and Part search behavior.